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Power Body Helsinki is on Winter Vacation

During the week 8 (19-25. February) Power Body Helsinki is on Vacation. Therefore no trainings will be held during that time. Welcome back to our studio starting from Monday 26 February! 

Power Body Helsinki was born in 2005 from a dream thrown into the air: perhaps someday I could open Finland’s first Power Plate studio in Kamppi, Helsinki, where I could offer holistic healthcare and personalized, individual guided Power Plate training and high-quality small group classes.

Now, 18 years later, my dream of Finland’s first and only Power Plate studio has come true.

Welcome to explore my dream!


Results in less than 30 minutes

Finland’s first Power Plate Studio, Power Body Helsinki, offers you effective, efficient and safe Power Plate training with the assistance of qualified Trainers regardless what your output level or goals are.

Recover from traumas, diseases and infections (e.g. long covid and influenza)
safely and effectively.
3D, harmonic vibration boosts blood flow, fluid circulation and recovery of the muscles. You will get rid of any excessive drugs in your system, swelling and mucus in the lungs while using vibration. Say goodbye to dizziness, nerve pain and fatigue. With our experienced trainers you train safely and individually.

Amazingly effective way to shape your body!
Vibration training really boosts up your body. Get rid of swelling and extra fat with only less than 30 minutes of training. The effects of vibration training will last for days. With individually guided training you will hit the areas in your body that you want to shape the most. As an extra benefit you will notice the infamous anti ageing effect that Power Plate training offers.

More muscle mass and strength!
Are you not getting the results you want with your weight training? Do you wish to intensify recovery, get more strength in certain muscle groups or do you just need that extra kick back in your training routine? The answer to all these questions is vibration training.


Price list

Pain management and disease treatment

At Power Body Helsinki age or illnesses are not a barrier to safe and effective exercise. With 17 years of Power Plate experience, it can be said that a solution can be found for almost any challenge.

Power Body Helsinki’s nurses offer rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal problems. Vibration therapy helps, for example, in the treatment of herniated discs and joint problems, as well as in the rehabilitation after strokes, heart attacks, and various traumas and surgeries.

Power Body Helsinki has good capabilities for treating overuse injuries and other rehabilitation needs. These can be focused on or taken into account alongside comprehensive exercises. After completing a physiotherapist’s treatment period, you can continue your treatment with us following the instructions you have received. We help you implement the treatment instructions, ensuring the correct range of motion and preserving the joints. According to the Finnish Current Care Guidelines, non-pharmacological treatments are the basis of pain management and should be used whenever possible. These treatments include exercise, systematic and guided therapeutic training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, cold and heat treatments, and TENS therapy. Power Body Helsinki primarily assists in exercise-based treatment but also supports and guides in the selection of other non-pharmacological treatments.

At Power Body Helsinki, experienced nurses who are knowledgeable in vibration training will assist you. Feel free to contact us – we confidentially and comprehensively search for the suitable treatment options that suit you best.


Three-dimensional harmonic vibration increases bone density. Vibration enhances blood circulation and metabolism, allowing the weakened bone tissue to receive more nutrients through improved circulation. Vibration also affects hormone balance, thereby enhancing bone tissue reconstruction in three different areas. Regular training on Power Plate has been proven to effectively improve osteoporosis. It is the only device in the world certified as a medical device (MDD/CE) for treating osteoporosis. Studies have shown that Power Plate increases bone density, muscle strength, and improves posture, especially in menopausal women.

Back pain

An increasing number of our clients come to us seeking help for lower back pain or neck and shoulder pain. The vibration produced by Power Plate relaxes muscles. Additionally, vibration training increases the metabolism of pain areas in the body, effectively removing “toxins” and fluid accumulations. Relaxed and balanced muscle tissue is easier to stretch and strengthen through vibration, resulting in controlled movements. Each exercise is of short duration (30-60 seconds), and the precision of the training is top-notch.

Knee pain

Many knee problems are caused by tight and shortened muscles and tendons in the thighs and buttocks, which pull the joints into incorrect positions. Rehabilitation often relieves severe knee pain by restoring the natural range of motion of the leg safely and effectively through vibration training. A crucial part of knee rehabilitation is also receiving emotional support and finding the confidence to fully use the knee.

Other causes of knee pain include incorrect foot, ankle, and hip alignment, osteoarthritis, and iliotibial band syndrome (especially in runners and highly active individuals). These problems can also be treated through vibration training.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are quite common knee traumas. Post-surgical treatment is crucial for recovery. Pain management, safe exercise routines, and effective and safe strengthening of the supporting muscles around the joint expedite rehabilitation. Read more: 


Joint problems

Power Plate is excellent for treating the most common chronic pain condition in Finland, osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis and many post-traumatic conditions can be effectively and safely treated with the vibration produced by Power Plate. Often, even small static supported exercises can significantly increase muscle strength and provide support to the joints. Enhanced metabolism and blood circulation facilitated by vibration naturally support and expedite the healing process.

Chronic pain conditions

Several studies indicate that exercise effectively helps with long-lasting pain conditions. Harmonic, three-dimensional vibration directly affects the nervous system, enhances nervous system regeneration, and balances nervous system function. The effects of vibration on muscle tissue increase metabolism and blood circulation, allowing the body to self-repair from within.

The relaxing effect of vibration promotes pain management. Hormonal function, particularly increased hormone levels through exercise (e.g., endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin), plays a crucial role in exercise-based pain management. Whether the problem is migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, wrist canal stenosis, plantar fasciitis, or lower back pain – turn to us!

Metabolic disorders

In adulthood, hormonal changes have a radical impact on metabolism. Many people forget to adjust their sleep, eating, and exercise habits according to their body’s new condition and requirements. It is common to experience fatigue, weakness, weight gain, and general lack of motivation in middle age. The significance of a proper diet for weight management is substantial.

Vibration training can help find a new vigor for life. Three-dimensional vibration activates the muscle pump, thus promoting venous return. Accelerated blood circulation enhances and balances hormonal regulation of metabolism. Vibration also affects lymphatic circulation and efficiently consumes energy, even up to 72 hours after training!

In a busy schedule, fast and effective Power Plate training is invaluable and likely the best investment for future old age. A healthy body houses a healthy mind.

Frozen shoulder syndrome

Frozen shoulder, also known as rotator cuff syndrome, is an unpleasant condition that can take years to heal. Swelling and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint, pain during movement, and impaired blood circulation in the area prolong the condition. By incorporating vibration training on the Power Plate into functional rehabilitation, the condition can be significantly improved faster than with conventional methods.

Our client says: “I am a tennis player and have been suffering from a frozen shoulder. After just 10 Power Plate sessions, my mobility improved significantly, and I was able to play tennis again. I warmly recommend Power Body Helsinki; my overall well-being has also improved.”

Diastasis recti

Diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles, occurs not only after pregnancy but also congenitally. In men, diastasis usually appears in the form of an umbilical or epigastric hernia. Treating diastasis is important because the abdominal muscles, together with the pelvic floor, diaphragm, and spine, form a muscle and fascial unit that supports internal organs, especially the back. Weakness in the lower abdominal muscles often leads to back pain, urinary problems, and gynecological issues. The involuntary muscle contractions generated by vibration training target the desired muscle group effectively, and even short exercises provide a quick and safe response. However, starting diastasis treatment requires caution. Other health problems or conditions may prevent effective training and can even worsen the condition. In addition to medical training, for example, Power Plate Master Trainer Elina has personal experience with diastasis and its treatment after having two children.

Vibration exercise has also been found to be an excellent therapy for postpartum recovery and effective strengthening of the pelvic floor.

Neurological disorders

Three-dimensional harmonic vibration affects the body through the nervous system. Therefore, Power Plate may help manage symptoms of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS). However, the response is always individual and dependent on various factors. Trained and experienced nurses are available to assist in these cases if you decide to try the effectiveness of Power Plate for yourself.


According to research, a six-week treatment period may alleviate pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia. It has also been studied that three-dimensional vibration, either as the primary rehabilitation method or as an adjunct to other exercise modalities, eases pain, increases balance, reduces fatigue, and improves overall quality of life. A pilot study has yielded similar results.

Recovery from various other neurological conditions, such as paralysis syndromes, is significantly enhanced through vibration. The use of static movements in training facilitates performance, as do the device’s support pillars and handles. Studies demonstrate the effects of three-dimensional training on balance, posture, and mobility:

What is Power Plate?

PowerPlate utilizes the body’s reflexes. The device has a vibrating platform that moves in three dimensions—up and down, side to side, and front to back—at a frequency of 30-50 times per second, activating muscles. The vibration is harmonic and continuous, and its intensity can be adjusted to achieve the desired exercise intensity. By utilizing different vibration intensities, the training can focus on muscle strengthening, enhancing stretches, or promoting relaxing and massaging effects to aid muscle recovery. Training can be performed standing on the device, lying on it, partially leaning against it, or using resistance bands—always utilizing the vibration—either through static or dynamic exercises.

Power Plate Small Group Training

Power Plate small group training is a versatile group exercise format that combines various popular styles such as zen, core, yoga, crossfit, pilates, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The guided 30 or 45-minute workout shapes the body, burns fat, tones muscles, reduces cellulite, increases muscle strength, improves endurance, and prepares for different sports activities (e.g., tennis, running, skiing, snowboarding). Body maintenance, recovery, stretching, and mobility training are also integral parts of Power Plate exercise. For more information about our group classes, please inquire with our instructors!